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From Reverend White

As a pastor for over seventeen years I have been called upon many times to go to the hospital and minister to families in their time of need. It is never easy to see people when they are sick or to offer words that will console, comfort and encourage family members. On January 31, 2009 I received a call from Jared Taylor informing me that his wife Lacy was in labor with their first child Alayna. I must admit that as I made my way to the hospital I had little hope that Alayna would survive past the delivery due to her being born at only twenty-four weeks and 6 days.

When I arrived at Spartanburg Regional Hospital I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Alayna had arrived and was doing relatively well. I recall well the words of the doctor as she expressed joyfully Alayna’s birth but followed that up by saying that the days ahead were not going to be easy for Alayna. The following 99 days were an education in faith for me and all those who were acquainted with Jared and Lacy. Alayna’s life was filled with medical ups and downs as she spent her 99 days in the NICU of Spartanburg Regional. Even though she never was able to experience the outside world, her life forever changed those who lived on the Inside of the world that was Alayna Taylor’s for 99 days.

As a minister I have never seen one life impact so many people in just a few short months. I firmly attribute this to the faith of her parents and other family members as they committed themselves to live under the banner of “Praise and Pray” during Alayna’s time in the NICU. On Alayna’s 99th day, her heavenly Father called her out of the confines of the hospital and into her eternal home in heaven. Just as Alayna lives on in heaven, her purpose on earth continues as well. It is my privilege to give my full endorsement to the Praise and Pray Ministries and the desire of Jared and Lacy to serve and minister to other families who are experiencing the hardships of having a precious baby in the NICU.

Jared and Lacy demonstrated their faith daily while Alayna was on this earth, and now they are exercising their faith by stepping out to form this new ministry. May all of the families who will be on the receiving end of this ministry be reminded of the impact one little life can have. – Rev. Joe T. White